Mon, 31 Oct
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Happy Haunted Halloween!

Do make sure that you post a Halloween themed dinosaur here in the next 96hrs. Hashtag it #Halloweenosaurs or #Burninhell, totally your call.

Donald Kushner producer of the Pumpkinhead films, and Peter Locke producer of The Hills Have Eyes will select a winner

The winning formula is SIMPLE; the producers of two Halloween classics MUST love it! The winner will receive $100 in ETH.

The top five chosen by our unique community will also win an NFT that will unlock future value.

Good luck and see you in hell! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

About Cryptosaurs

Designed and created by the team behind the legendary movie franchise Tron, Cryptosaurs are a new breed of PFP collection, featuring unique dinosaur characters.

Cryptosaurs are creatures that can ‘evolve’ through owner interactions and interventions, unlocking new utilities and opportunities along the way. The initial release will feature 3 characters, from a total of 8, and is scheduled for Fall 2022.

All species are bred initially from a ‘Genesis Egg’, which ensures random distribution of species to holders — although eagle-eyed egg owners may be able to distinguish some key features that will offer a clue as to the Cryptosaur within.



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