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Moonbeam (Moonbeam)

Moonbeam loves building and tinkering with different arts. It's constantly thinking of new ideas and loves to nap in cold places. Loved by the community, Moonbeam brings a smile to everyone's faces with its positive energy.

Darwinia (Cross Construct)

Darwinia loves running around and swinging across tree branches. It's quite the prankster, and loves building things out of wood. Playful, chirpy, and extroverted, Darwinia loves to crack jokes. It enjoys being around other PolkaPets and people.

BondProtect (Multi-hail)

BondProtect is very protective of its loved ones. They feel responsible for the well-being of their community. Valuing safety and security, BondProtect will do everything in its power to protect its home in a calm and collected manner. BondProtect has a slender build and a long wispy tail and wings that allow it to fly as well as swim.

MANTRA DAO (Transparency)

MANTRA DAO is reliable and expandable. They are well-rounded when it comes to their skills and they do not hesitate to help when they see someone in need. MANTRA DAO has the ability to float and is loved by its community.

Kylin (Flash Fire)

Kylin enjoys peaceful environments and loves to meditate. It has an eye for beautiful scenery and is often found in places with a gorgeous landscape. Artistic and tranquil, Kylin loves to collect flowers and shiny objects.

BondSwap (Ally Swap)

BondSwap is an extremely powerful PolkaPet. They are aggressive by nature and loves a good fight. The fire burning on its forehead and tail keeps it warm and comfortable.

Phala (Shadow Nexus)

Phala, if you have the chance of finding it, is extremely reliable, yet reserved. This particular PolkaPet loves dark places and digging. Maybe you’ll see it pop its head out from the ground if you’re lucky. They are quick executors and see their projects to the end.

Evolution Land (Terra Bridge)

Evolution Land is as cool as a cucumber. It keeps calm during any high-stress environment and often thinks its way out of any trouble. Hardworking, goal-orientated, and calm, Evolutionland is often found lending out a helping hand to their peers. Their dedication for the betterment of their community has made it into a dependable figure. Evolution

Bridge (Float)

Bridge has an extreme fear of drowning, causing it to flop around on land until it realizes that it needs to be in water to survive. Bridge lacks natural defense mechanisms; fortunately, most PolkaPets leave Bridge alone out of pity. PolkaPets are beloved creatures in this world, just not Bridge.

BondDex (Adapt)

BondDex is a very cunning PolkaPet. They always figure out the plan of action and move fast to solve problems. They are very fond of puzzles. Calculating and resilient, BondDex can connect things and figure out the right solution. BondDex has sharp spikes on its back to protect itself and uses it to cut down vegetation that stands in its way.

SpiderDao (Malignant Web)

SpiderDAO loves to hide out in dark and high places. It spins its special web to create a warm and impenetrable home. Scrappy, constructive, and having the need to store things in its home, SpiderDao loves structure and collecting things.

Crust (Fire Cloud)

Crust is extremely efficient and fast. They are serious by nature and get right down to business. They pride themselves on being highly motivated and being able to get things done with speed and precision.

WING (Flash Gust)

WING loves to glide in high places. It is often found cruising through environments with a lot of wind. Adventurous, thrilling, and extroverted, WING loves to glide into new areas and make friends with the locals. They do not tend to stay in one place for long as they are nomadic and follow where the good weather is.

Trust Base (Time Warp)

Trust Base loves a good challenge. It is often found climbing the tallest trees and lifting the heaviest rocks. Adventurous, bold, and competitive, Trust Base has a need to set physical goals for itself. They enjoy working out and building things, so it is no surprise that Trust Base can pack a powerful punch. They do not bode well in places with

Astar (Double Shock)

Astar is community driven and fast with high capacity. They are quite powerful and love to eat spicy berries. Despite their strength, Astar tries to avoid fights when they can. Once angered, their eyes will glow blue with electricity. Astar loves adventure and does not stay in one place for long.

Litentry (Blaze)

Litentry is playful and energetic. It often wanders around in search of other pets to play with. Fierce, bold, and delightful to be around, Litentry is determined to live life to the fullest. They can get protective of their close ones and will be fast to act when danger arises. Other pets count on Litentry to stay warm when temperature drops. Th

Crab (Hydrorupt)

Crab is nature loving and enjoys burying itself under dirt and mud to take naps. Its legs allow it to dig fast to hide from predators. Chirpy, peaceful, and innocent, Crab brings a smile to everyone's faces. It prides themselves on being able to build the best sandcastle in town.

RioDeFi (Liquidity Blast)

Rio is a fabled PolkaPet that is actually quite intelligent. Rio loves to interact with it's environment and other PolkaPets because the ecosystem is important to them. It can leverage its skills to provide liquidity to the people and PolkaPets in need.

ANKR (Hydro-sting)

Despite ANKR’s lavish design, it is actually the smallest known PolkaPet. In certain lights ANKR’s body will look like a sea of stars. Little is known about this exotic pet since it resides in the deepest parts of the ocean. They do not bode well outside of a watery habitat.

Robonomics (Connectivity)

Robonomics is an android that thrives on assisting humans to connect with any robotic entity. Robonomics values honesty, courage and meritocracy. It has great insights and clarity because of it’s cybernetic brain.It has great insights and clarity because of its CyberNetic mindset.

Kusama (Shadow Bend)

Kusama is extremely reliable and grounded. They are quite powerful and do not hesitate to attack when in danger. Cunning and quick, Kusama tends to fly a lot to familiarize themselves in a new area. They are reliable partners and have a strong foundation. Kusama is hard to spot because of their nature and carefulness. Although they are hard to spo

Raze (Walk in Shadows)

Raze is a stealthy fox creature that has the ability to hide itself in a shadowy cloud. Raze loves to run through the dark forest floor and find small crawl spaces to hide itself in. Bold, cheeky, and humorous, Raze loves to joke around with other pets. They do not bode well in places that have wide spaces.

Bifrost (High Beam)

Bifrost is a powerful unicorn-like creature that has the ability to soar through the skies. Bifrost loves gazing at the starry nights and galloping through gray clouds. Independent, cool, and strong-willed, Bifrost can take on a lot of responsibilities at once. Bifrost also has an unbreakable horn that will allow it to pierce through any obstacles

Polkadot (Synchronize)

Polkadot loves to scurry around the forest floor and climb up trees. It enjoys perching on branches and watching other PolkaPets interact. Bubbly, relaxed, and laid-back, Polkadot loves to take its time and appreciate their surrounding environment.

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