Ape accelerator


In 2023, Forj was granted approval from the ApeCoin DAO to launch $Ape Accelerator, an incubation platform for the ApeCoin and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) community.

How It Works:

This new initiative, which was submitted and approved via ApeCoin DAO’s Idea Proposal system (see AIP-209), will incubate and launch projects that strengthen the BAYC community and ApeCoin ecosystem, and will be powered by ApeCoin tokens ($APE). A grant of $APE tokens was approved by the ApeCoin DAO community for the purpose of building and launching Ape Accelerator.
Ape Accelerator aims to engage the ApeCoin community as Initiators, Voters, and Participants. Initiators can submit proposals for projects to be incubated, while Voters can use their APE tokens to vote on whether the proposed projects should be launched. Participants will be able to support approved projects by purchasing NFTs and other tokens.

Get involved

Interested? You can find out more here – while Ape Accelerator is set to launch properly later this year. Projects interested in being incubated on the Ape Accelerator can contact Forj by clicking on the link below.