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Our Next Round of Social Hub Pass Sales is Here, Featuring Polygon and Forj

Forj Launchpad are hosting an Exclusive presale for The
Social Hub Pass. 

Get ready, this one is BIG!


How To Take Part In The Sale

To take part in the Metaprints Social Hub Pass sale, you’ll need to:

  1. Get a wallet
  2. Add funds to your wallet
  3. Buy a Social Hub Pass from the Forj Shop

Let’s go through each step 👇👇👇

Step 1: Get a Wallet

New to crypto? First things first: you’ll need a wallet! We recommend MetaMask.

  1. Go to the MetaMask website
  2. Click Download and install
  3. Follow the prompts to create your first wallet on Ethereum

Step 2: Add Funds

The Metaprints Social Hub Pass can be purchased with $BONDLY or partner tokens, available via:

Kucoin: $Bondly and $Matic
Uniswap: $Bondly and $Matic $Bondly and $Matic
Mexc: $Bondly and $Matic
SushiSwap: $Bondly and
PancakeSwap: $Bondly and $Matic
BitMart: $Bondly and $Matic
Huobi Global : $Matic
Binance: $Matic
Kraken: $Matic
Coinbase: $Matic
Hitbtc: $Matic
FTX: $Matic

Don’t know how to get tokens?

You can buy crypto from your MetaMask wallet, then trade it for $BONDLY or partner tokens using the exchanges listed above.

Step 3: Buy Your Social Hub Pass

Purchase your Social Hub Pass in the Forj Shop.

  1. Go to the Forj Shop and connect your wallet
  2. Click the Social Hub Pass collection
  3. Hover the pass you’d like to purchase and click Buy


There are three rounds (phases) for each sale:

Round 1: Genesis NFT holders & whitelist

  • 1 hour
  • Limit 3x NFTs

Round 2: Holding $100 worth of $BONDLY or $Matic

  • 1 hour
  • Limit 2x NFTs

Round 3: Public

  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited NFT

After the Social Hub Pass has been added to your wallet, you’re all set! You’re entitled to receive and compete for rewards in the Social Hub experience for your chosen brand, along with perks for being a Social Hub Pass holder.

Questions? See the announcement post, or ask the team in our official Telegram group and Discord server.

Accessing The Social Hub Experience

Social Hub experiences are accessible via the Sandbox (Game) Maker app:

  1. Go to The Sandbox website and create your account
  2. Download & run the The Sandbox (Game) Maker app
  3. In the app, go to Drafts Gallery and browse for your Social Hub experience

Note: While a Social Hub experience can be explored by anyone, only Social Hub Pass holders are entitled to the perks and benefits of being a Social Hub member!

+ Connect with other Metaprints Social Hub Pass holders in our official Telegram and Discord.

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