Phantom Galaxies Planet Sale 26th May 2022

Forj Launchpad are hosting an EXCLUSIVE land sale for Phantom Galaxies planets beginning 2pm UTC on the 26th May 2022.

Get ready, this one is BIG!


How to take part

Step 1:

You need to stake $BONDLY tokens on to receive $xBONDLY, our staking reward token. The amount will determine your Rank:

Platinum: 337,750 $xBONDLY

Gold: 193,000 $xBONDLY

Silver: 96,500 $xBONDLY

Bronze: 48,250 $xBONDLY

Note: Rank alone does not guarantee Launchpad sale entry, you must also hold the correct NFT(s), see Step 3.

Step 2:

Stake your $xBONDLY on our Launchpad platform at Once your $xBONDLY is staked it will be locked for 14 days, after which you’re able to unstake at any time.

Step 3:

Ensure you have the correct eligible NFT(s) in your wallet to be entered into the correct Sales Tier. 

Platinum: 1 x Platinum Launchpad Token

Gold: 1 x Gold Launchpad Token

Silver: 1 x Silver Launchpad Token

Bronze: 1 x Bronze Launchpad Token

Step 4:

Keep an eye out for upcoming Launchpad sales on and sign up to any that catch your eye.

Step 5:

On the day of the Launchpad sale entry will be staggered depending on Sales Tiers, the higher your tier the earlier you’ll be able to enter the sale, and the higher your NFT allocation will be. Purchase at, and that’s it!

But wait, there’s more…

If you haven’t achieved any of the Sales Tiers by the time of the Launchpad sale then we have some great news, you can still get an allocation with our NFT Tier Lottery!

The NFT Tier is a dedicated tier for the Forj community who own a Forj (or Bondly) NFT. Simply register your interest in the sale on and if you have an eligible NFT in your wallet you’ll have a chance to enter the sale before the general public! 

A list of all eligible NFTs for the NFT Tier can be found here. 

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