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Everything you need to know about our $APE Launchpad, and if YOU qualify

Our eagerly-awaited $APE Accelerator Launchpad is finally here! In this blog we explain what our launchpad is, how it works, and how YOU can get access to the hottest new Web3 projects with your ApeCoin, or Yuga NFTs.

What is the $APE Launchpad?

Put simply, our Launchpad is an opportunity for ApeCoin holders, as well as certain Yuga or Frens NFT holders, to participate in sales for pioneering projects emerging from our Accelerator Program. Our objective is to grow the ApeCoin ecosystem, and each project that makes it to our Launchpad will offer some kind of utility, product, or service that enhances that ecosystem.

The unique aspect of the $APE Launchpad is its democratic foundation; YOU have the power to vote on which projects will appear in the spotlight. What’s more, each project we put forward for community vote will have already undergone rigorous due diligence, and passed an independent KYB (‘know your business’) assessment, so all that’s left is for you to decide if they’re worthy!

ApeCoin and Yuga NFTs (including BAYC, Otherdeeds, and many more) are the key to participating in our launchpad, helping us provide utility to the core assets at the heart of ApeCoin.

How Does the $APE Launchpad Work?

There are 5 tiers to our $APE Launchpad, with the highest tiers offering the most allocation from each sale. Completion of KYC is required for you to be able to participate in any of our tiers, and depending on what product is being sold certain jurisdictions may be exempt from participating. It’s always worth undergoing KYC, and keeping your eyes peeled for slaes you’re able to participate in.

Our Launchpad Tiers

The following tiers determine when you can participate in a sale, and how large your allocation will be. Those in higher tiers will be first in line to our sale (each tier will have a set time before the next tier unlocks) and will have a higher allocation available to them. The tiers are as follows:

Platinum — Available to holders of either 10,000 $APE or 1 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT

Gold — Available to holders of either 6,000 $APE or 1 Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFT

Silver — Available to holders of either 3,000 $APE or a Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) NFT

Bronze— Available to holders of 400 $APE or an Otherdeed (Original or Expanded) / Koda NFT

Frens— Available to holders of carefully selected partner NFT collections, to be announced

If any allocation remains after this the sale will become open to the public, regardless of $APE or NFT holdings. KYC may still be required to participate at public level.

Some Important Rules…

There is no staking/hold requirement for NFTs, meaning you can purchase an eligible NFT right up until shortly before the sale (when we conduct our snapshot) and still be eligible.

  • Wallet delegation

Wallet delegation is supported, however the wallet that holds either the required $APE or NFTs to enter a specific tier must be the one connected to a delegate wallet. This wallet, which holds your assets, must also be the wallet that is used for KYC

  • Order of Sales

It pays to be first. The $APE Launchpad is designed as fairly as possible, with each of our 4 primary tiers (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze) getting a fixed % of allocation for each sale. Within each tier it’s first come, first served, so the higher up the tiers you are the more chances you’ll have to make a purchase, and the higher the potential allocation. As each tier unlocks the previous tier’s participants will still be eligible to buy, if they haven’t already done so.

Once your wallet has purchased its maximum allocation you will not be able to make any further purchases, no matter the tier (including public sale).

How are projects vetted?

Before we consider any application to either our Accelerator or Launchpad, projects must prove their value to the ApeCoin ecosystem. If that project wishes to host a sale to our community they will then need to win the community’s vote, conducted via This model incentivizes innovation and adaptation of projects, who must offer utilities and benefits for ApeCoin in order to get approval, driving significant growth in the token’s utility.

A Commitment to Security

The selection process for projects is rigorous, involving community votes, thorough research, and due diligence to ensure that only the most credible and ecosystem-enriching projects make it to the Launchpad.

Due diligence transcends mere credential checks. The Ape Accelerator team rigorously evaluates each project’s product-market fit, founder reliability, and essential capabilities for success. In a realm where security is paramount, the team stays ahead of regulatory changes, upholding strict industry standards.

Once vetted, the final decision rests with the community before a project reaches our Launchpad.

Voters are rewarded regardless of their vote, ensuring a fair and unbiased selection process. The heavy lifting is handled by the team; the community simply decides if they love the project.

How can I get involved?

It’s easy to get started with our $APE Launchpad, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: KYC

You will not be able to participate in any sales without passing KYC, this is a requirement that ensures we are compliant with existing and future regulations. Don’t worry though! It’s quick, and securely managed through our partners at Blockpass.

Start your KYC now

It can take time for your application to process, so do this as soon as possible. Remember, the wallet you submit MUST be the one that holds the eligible assets, or be a valid delegate wallet to one that is eligible.

Our handy guide below walks you through the process!

Step 2: Check Your Tier Eligibility

Plan for the tier you want to participate in! Got more than 400 $APE? You’re in! Just make sure you’ve held it in one place for over 14 days prior to the sale date. Check the tier eligibility citeria above for details.

If you’ve not got enough ApeCoin, we’ve ensured our launchpad still has opportunities for holders of NFTs that are valuable to the ecosystem. Check which NFTs are eligible and ensure they’re held either in the wallet you will be using for the sale, or ensure to use a delegate wallet submitted in your KYC registration.

Step 3: Get Ready!

Make sure you follow us on X and turn notifications on for upcoming sale details.

If you’re eligible you’ll be allowed in when the applicable tier is open, and you’ll need to make sure you have enough $APE or $ETH in your wallet to purchase the item(s) you want, as well as cover gas fees.

Once the sale is live be sure to act fast, items will sell out quickly and we’re unable to guarantee allocation regardless of your tier. Remember, the higher the tier the better your chances

And that’s it! We’ll see you for our first sale, don’t be late…

About $APE Accelerator

$APE Accelerator is a community-driven Web3 accelerator and launchpad funded by the ApeCoin DAO, supporting and launching projects that seek to add value to $APE holders and the wider ecosystem.

Created and managed by Forj, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, following the successful vote for AIP-209.

Disclaimer for UK Residents: Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 minutes to learn more.

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